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How I can get informed about deals and new packs?

Access our subscribe page to keep informed about Polygonmaker deals.

Can we use the Unity Packages in other Game Engines?

Sure! The character models are supplied in FBX format, and the textures are suppled as .TGA files.  A PDF file is included with instructions for the package.  Additionally, the 3dsMax source file is included to allow you to create new animations.

Where we can find your packages?

You can get them on one of our partners:

Are all your packages the same on all stores?

No, each store or game engine have different requirements. So each one has been customized for each marketplace. Please check the description and the screenshots.

Can we suggest new Packages?

Of course!  Some packages were made based on customer suggestions.  If you really need something for your game, consider contacting us regarding custom work.

I got your package, can I modify them?

Yes you can modify them any way you want. But you cannot distribute those modified versions nor the original one. You can only use them inside your game. (Same for the modified version or any part of the packs)

My friend got your package, can I use it?

The agreement for the Any Store does not allow this. The packages have a very low cost to ensure a large range of customers are able to afford them.  Purchasing these packages helps Polygonmaker pay the bills and create more affordable packages for everyone!

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